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Full text of "Western North Carolina Books: An Annotated Guide to the Literature of the Region for all Readers"

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Produced by Together We Read, 

WNC's 21 -County Reading Program 

written by Rob Neufeld 

February 2007 


Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 


Reading audience key: [E] Young children [C] all children [W] 
children with adult help [M] middle-school students [H] high 
school students [G] general readers [S] scholars 

Local history 

• Western North Carolina:; A History (from 1 730 to 1912) by 
John Preston Arthur (1914). Out of print 

• The United States ofAppalachia by Jeff Biggers (Shoemaker 
& Hoard, 2006) [M.H,G] 

• Western North Carolina: Its Mountains and Its People to 1880 
by Ora Blackmun (Appalachian Consortium Press, 1977). 

• May We All Remember Well, Vols. 1 & 2 edited by Robert 
Brunk [H,G,S] Scholarly, popular articles on a wide range of 
subjects, deemed in danger of going undocumented. 

• The People of the New River: Oral Histories from the Ashe, 
Allegeny and Watauga Counties of North Carolina by Leland 
R. Cooper and Mary Lee Cooper (McFarland & Co., 2001) 
[H,G,S] A model of local, oral history-based writing, part of 
an important series, "Contributions to Southern Appalachian 

• Cataloochee Valley: Vanished Settlements of the Great Smoky 
Mountains by Hattie Caldwell Davis (WorldComm, 1997) 
[G]. One of a few books that Davis, a Cataloochee 
descendent, has written about the community displaced by the 

• The Life and Death of a Southern Appalachian Community, 
1818-1937 by Dunvood Dunn (U. of Tenn. Press, 1988) [G,S] 

• Battle of Kings Mountain 1 780, With Fire and Sword by 
Wihna Dykeman (National Park Service, 1991) [M,H,G] 

• The French Broad by Wilma Dykeman (Wakestone Books) 
[M,H,G] The inaugural, 2002 TWR book; the place to start in 
understanding the region. 

• Trail of Tears: The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation by 
John Ehle (Anchor, 1988) [H,G,S] 

Miners, Millhands, and Mountaineers: Industrialization of the 

Appalachian South, 1880-1930 by Ronald D. EUer. (U. of 

Tenn. Press, 1982) [S] A revision ofpast faulty histories. 

The Appalachians: America 's First and Last Frontier edited 

by Mati-Lynn Evans et al. (Random House, 2004) [M,H,G,S] 

Book companion to PBS series, incorporating writings by 


Leo Finkelstein 's Asheville and the poor Man 's Bank by Leo 

Finkelstein (Center for Appalachian Studies, Boone, 1998), 


From the Banks of the Oklawaha: Facts and Legends of the 

North Carolina Mountains by Frank L. FitzSimoris. Out of 


Guide to North Carolina Highway Historical Markers, ninth 

edition, ed. by Michael Hill (N.C. Div. of Archiveis and 

ffistory, 2001) [W,M,H] 

The Marion Massacre by Mike Lawing (Wasteland Press, 

2004). [G,S] Account of notorious mill strike. 

Zeb Vance: North Carolina 's Civil War Governor and Gilded 

Age Political Leader by Gordon B. McKinney (UNC Press, 

2004). [G,S] 

A Popular History of Western North Carolina by Rob Neufeld 

(History Press, 2007) [M,H,G,S] 

The German Invasion of Western North Carolina by 

Jacqueline Burgin Painter (Biltmore Press, 1992). [G,S] 

German WWI prisoners were housed in Madison County. 

The Stackhouses ofAppalachia: Even to Our Own Times by 

Jacqueline Burgin Painter (Gratefiil Steps, 2006). [S] 

Thorough, well-researched account of Amos Stackhouse and 

Madison County community. 

Buncombe Bob: The Life and Times of Robert Rice Reynolds 

by Julian M. Pleasants (UNC Press, 2000). [G,S] 

Cradle of Forestry in America: The Biltmore school Forest 

School, 1898-1913 by Carl Alwin Schenck (Forest History 

Society, 1998). [G,S] By the founder of the first forestry 


Heart office Blue Ridge, Highlands, North Carolina by 

Randolph P. Shaffiier (Faraway, 2004). [G,S] A massive 


• Jane Hicks Gentry: A Singer among Singer by Betty N. Smith 
(U.ofKentucky Press, 1998). [H,G,S] Smith, Bluff 
Mountain ballad singer and playwright, writes about legendary 
Madison County ballad singer. 

• A History of Buncombe County, North Carolina by F.A. 
Sondley (two volumes in one. Reprint Gd., 1977). The 
standard work. 

• Creating the Land of the Sky: Tourism and Society in Western 
North Carolina by Richard Stames (U. of Alabama Press, 
2005). [G,S] 

• Grandpa 's Town by Bob TerrelJ (1978). Tales of Asheville in 
its first two decades. [M,H,G] 

• Zeb Vance: Champion of Personal Freedom by Glenn Tucker 
(Bobbs-MerriU, 1965). [H,G] Out of print. 

• The Kingdom of Madison: A Southern Mountain Fastness and 
Its People by Manly Wade Wellman (1973; WorldComm, 
1996). [G] 

• Appalachia: A History by John Alexander Williams (UNC 
Press, 2002) [G,S] 

Civil War History 

• Bushwhackers: The Civil War in North Carolina: The 
Mountains by William R. Trotter (John F. Blair, 1988) 

• The Civil War in North Carolina: Soldiers ' and Civilians ' 
Letters and Diaries, 1861-1865: Volume 2: The Mountains ed. 
by Christopher M.Watford (McFarland & Co., 2003) [H,G,S] 

• The Heart of Confederate Appalachia: Western North 
Carolina in the Civil War by John C. Inscoe and Gordon B. 
McKinney (UNC Press, 2000) [G,S] The most balanced 
treatment of the key subject. 

• An Introduction to Civil War Small Arms by Earl J. Coates and 
Dean S. Thomas (Thomas PubUcations, 1990) [M,H,G] A 
great companion to sites. 

• Mountain Myth: Unionism in Western North Carolina by 
Terrell T. Garren (Reprint Co., 2006) [G,S] Authoritative 
study of loyalties. 


• . 


Victims by Phillip Shaw Paludan (U. of Tenn. Press, 1981). 
[H,G,S] The landmark and now controversial story of the 
Shelton Laurel Massacre. 

Non-fiction (essays, memoirs, journals, documentary photos) 

Travels of William Bartram (179 1). [G,S] 

A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett (1834) [M,H,G] 

Crockett spent time in Buncombe County, married a 

Swannanoa girl. 

Zoro 's Field: My Life in the Appalachian Woods by Thomas 

Rain Crowe (U. of Ga. Press, 2005) [H,G] A key work, in the 

vein of Thoreau, by poet, editor, and nature writer Crowe. 

Somehow Form a Family by Tony Earley (Algonquin, 2001). 

[H,G] The Rutherford County author exemplifies creative 

non-fiction, writing often in the Appalachian vein. 

Something Permanent by Walker Evans, with poems by 

Cynthia Rylant (Harcourt, Brace, 1994). [M,H] Appalachia 

during the Depression. 

The Making of a Writer: the Journals of Gail Godwin, Vol. 1, 

edited by Rob Neufeld (Random, 2006). [H,G,S] 

Our Southern Highlanders by Horace Kephart (1922; U. of 

Tenn. Pr., 1984) P,G,S] The 2004 TWR book. 

Chattooga: Descending into the Myth of Deliverance River by 

John Lane (U. of Georgia Press, 2004). [H,G] A major 

source in understanding the region and issues raised by Ron 

Rash's Saints at the River. 

Hugh Morton 's North Carolina (UNC Press, 2003). A 

generous collection of photographs by the late Grandfether 

Mountain owner and steward. 

Natural History 

The Appalachian Forest by Chris Bolgiano (Stackpole Books, 
1998) [G,S] 

The Wild East: A Biography of the Great Smoky Mountains by 
Margaret Lynn Brown (U. Press of Florida, 2000; trade paper, 
2001) [G,S] 


Blue Ridge Nature Journal: Reflections on the Appalachian 

Mountains in Essays and Art by George Ellison and Elizabeth 

Ellison (History Press, 2006) [H,G] A combination of great 

watercolor art and writing that blends science and folklore. 

Mountain Passages: Natural and Cultural History of Western 

North Carolina and the Great Smoky Mountains by George 

Ellison (History Press, 2005) [H,G,S] 

Great Smoky Mountains National Park: A Natural History 

Guide by Rose Houk (Houghton Mifflin, 1993) [W,HH,G] 

Camping and Woodcraft by Horace Kephart (1917; U. of 

Tenn. Press, 1988) 

Nature along the Blue Ridge Parkway by Bill Lord (Blue 

Ridge Parkway assoc, 1953; revised, 1777). [W,G] 

A Roadside Guide to the Geology of the Great Smoky 

Mountains National Park by Hlarry L, Moore (University of 

Tennessee Press, 1988) [W,G] 

A Land Imperiled: The Declining Health of the Southern 

Appalachian Bioregion by John Nolt (University of Tennessee 

Press, 2005) [S] 

Mount Mitchell & the Black Mountains: An Environmental 

History of the Highest Peaks in Eastern America by Timothy 

Silver (UNC Press, 2003) [G,S] 

Mountains of the Heart: A Natural History of the 

Appalachians by Scott Weidensaul (1994; Fulcrim, 2000). 

[H,GjS] A beautifully written book by someone who realized 

that for many living tilings, the Appalachian Mountains 

comprise a distinct homeland. 

Folk tales 

Mariah of the Spirits and Other Southern Ghost Stories by 
Sherry Austin (Overmountain Press, 2002) [W,M,H,G] 
Haints of the Hills by Daniel Barefoot [W,M,H,G] 
Ghost and Haunts From the Appalachian Foothills by James 
V. Burchill, Linda S. Crider, Peggy Kendrick, and Marcia W. 
Bonner [W,M^G] 

Grandfather Tales by Richard Chase (Houghton Mifflin, 
1948) [C,M,G] 

Aunt Maty, Tell Me A Story: A Collection of Cherokee 

Legends and Tales by Mary Ulmer Chitoskey (Cherokee 

Communications, 1990) [C,M] 

Tall Tales form the High Hills by Ellis Credle. Out of print. 

[C,M,G] Beaverdam, north of Asheville, is the locale. 

The Jack Tales by Richard Chase (Houghton Mifflin, 1943) 


Listening for the Crack of Dawn by Donald Davis (August 

House 1990) [W,M,H,G] Humorous yams by master teller. 

Southern Jack Tales by Donald Davis (August House, 1997) 


Mountain Jack Tales by Gail E. Haley [C] 

The Devil's Tramping Ground and Other North Carolina 

Mystery Stories by John Harden (1980; Lightning Source, 

2005). [G] 

The Jack Tales: Stories by Ray Hicks as told by Lynn Salsi 

illustrated by Owen Smith [C,G] A CD gives the true flavor; a 

text homogenizes the tales in decent fashion. 

The Granny Curse by Randy Russell and Janet Bamett 


Mountain Ghost Stories by Randy Russell and Janet Bamett 

[W,M,H,G] Ghost stories that don't fall flat. 

Ghosts of the Southern Mountains and Appalachia by Nancy 

Roberts(U. of South Carolina, 1989). Out of print. [G] 

Cherokee Animal Tales by George F. Scheer [C] 

North Carolina Legends by Richard Walser [C] 

The Jack Tales told by R.M. Ward and his kindred in the 

Beech Mountain section of Western North Carolina and by 

other descendants of Council Harmon ( 1 803-1 896) elsewhere 

in the Southem Mountains (1943, Houghton Mifflin, 2003). 


See also some of the entries under "Cherokee studies." 
Folklore and humor 

• Belled Buzzards, Hucksters and Grieving Specters: 

Appalachian Tales: Strange, True, and Legendary by Gary 
Carden and Nina Anderson (Down Home Press, 1994) 


Mason Jars in the Flood and Other Stories by Gary Garden 
(Parkway, 2000) [W,M,H,G] Garden is a master storyteller 
with branching local roots. 

Branch Water Tales (1999) by Bill Garver [H,G] Authentic 
rural community stories. 

Some More Branch Water Tales: Country Poor, Mountain 
Proud (2001) by Bill Garver [H,G] 

High Times and Hard Times: Sketches and Tales by George 
Washington Harris (Vanderbilt U. Press, 1967). They include 
east Tennessean Harris's "Sut Lovingood's Yams," which 
greatly influenced Mark Twain and many Southern 
Appalachian writers. 

Ray Hicks: Master Storyteller of the Blue Ridge by Robert 
Isbell (UNG Press, 2000) [G,S] 

Buried Treasures of the Appalachians: Legends of Homestead 
Caches, Indian Mines and Loot from Civil War Raids by W.G. 
Jameson (August House, 1991) [W,M,G] 
Curing the Cross-Eyed Mule: Appalachian Mountain Humor 
by Loyal Jones and Billy Edd Wheeler (August House, 1989) 

Laughter in Appalachia: A Festival of Southern Mountain 
Humor by Loyal Jones and Billy Edd Wheeler (August House, 
1987) [W,H,G] 

More Laughter in Appalachia: Southern Mountain Humor by 
Loyal Jones and Billy Edd Wheeler (August House, 1995) 

Complete Peddler 's Pack Games, Songs, Rhymes, and Riddles 
from Mountain Folklore by May Justus (U. of Tenn. Press, 
1998). Out of print. [E,G] 

On Top of Old Smoky: A Collection of Songs compiled and 
adapted by Ronald Kidd, pictures by Linda Anderson ( Ideals 
Ghildren's Books, 1992). [E,G] Eleven songs with great folk 
art paintings. 

Echoes of Appalachia by Denvil Mullins [W,M,G] 
Roaming the Mountains by John Parris [W,G] One of many 
compilations of local lore by the revered, late columnist. 
Tar Heel Dead: Tales of Mystery and Mayhem from North 
Carolina ed. by Sarah R. Shaber (UNG Press, 2005) [M.H,G] 
Way Down Yonder on Troublesome Creek: Appalachian 
Riddles and Rustles by JamosStUl (1974). Out of print. [E] 


Disorder in the Court by Bob Terrell and Marcellus "Buck' 

Buchanan (Bright Mountain Books, 1984). [G] 

Dead and Gone: Classic Crimes of North Carolina by Manly 

Wade Wellman(UNC Press, 1954). [M,H,G] 

Lift Up Your Head, Tom Dooley by John Foster West (Down 

Home Press, 1993). [G] 

Folkways and arts 

Sodom Laurel Album by Rob Amberg (Lyndhurst Books, 

2002) [H.G] An intimate photo document of a beloved 


Endings and Beginnings: Millennial Juried Exhibition, 

Western North Carolina, 2000-2001, Asheville Art Museum 


The Face ofAppalachia: Portraits from the Mountain Farm 

by Tim Barnwell (W.W. Norton, 2003) [M.H,G] Great photos 

and insightful, short background essays. 

North Carolina Architecture by Catherine W. Bishir, 

photography by Tim Buchman (UNC Press, 2005) [S] 

Stories I Ain't Told Nobody Yet by Jo Carson (Orchard, 1989). 

[C,W,M,H] Poems based on stories by East Tennesseans by 

oral history expert. 

The Craft Heritage Trails of Western North Carolina by Jjay 

Fields and Brad Campbell (HandMade in America). 

The Keepers: Mountain Folk Holding on to Old Skills and 

Talents by Robert Isbell (John F. Blair, 1999) [H,G] 

The Rich Heritage of African Americans in North Carolina 

(N.C. Division of Tourism, Film, and Sports Development) 


Travel and tour guides 

North Carolina Waterfalls: A Hiking and Photography Guide 
by Kevm Adams (John F. Blair, 2005) [G] 
Exploring North Carolina 's Natural Areas: Parks, Nature 
Preserves, and Hiking Trails by Dirk Frankenberg (UNC 
Press, 2000) [G] 


• Guide to the Blue Ridge Parkway, second edition, by Victoria 
Logue, Frank Lx)gue, and Nicole Blouin (Menasha Ridge 

■ Press, 2003) [G] 

• Farms, Gardens & Countryside Trails of Western North 
Carolina by Jan J. Love (HandMade in America, 2002) [G] 

• Touring the Western North Carolina Backroads by Carolyn 
Sakowski (John F. Blair, 1990) [G] 


• 772^ Heritage Books of various counties in WNC. 

• Dictionary of Smoky Mountain English by Michael 
Montgomery and Joseph S. Hall (U, of Tennessee Pr., 2004). 

• The North Carolina Atlas: Portrait of a New Century edited 
by Douglas M. Orr Jr. and Alfred W. Stuart (UNC Press, 

• The North Carolina Gazetteer: A Dictionary of Tar Heel 
Places by WiUiam Powell (UNC Press, 1968) [G] 

• Cabins & Castles: The History & Architecture of Buncombe 
County, North Carolina edited by Douglas Swaim (N.C. 
Divisionof Archives and History^ 1981). [G,S] Out of print. 

• Asheville: A Pictorial History by Mitzi SchadenTessier 

• The State of Buncombe by Mitzi SchadenTessier (Dorming 
Co., 1992). 

Historical Fiction 

• Call Home the Heart: A Novel of the Thirties by Olive Tilford 
Dargan (using aUas Fielding Burke) (Feminist Press, 2002). 
[H,G] Mountain folks move to piedmont to work in mills and 
get caught up in bad conditions and a strike. 

• From My Highest Hill: Carolina Mountain Folks by Ohve 
Tilford Dargan (U. of Tenn. Press reprint, 1998). [H,G] 
Classic tales of tenant fanners in Swain County, 

• My Old True Love by Sheila Kay Adams (Algonquin, 2004) 
[H,G] The Civil War in Madison County plays a part in this 


Monteith 's Mountains by Skip Brooks (High Country 

Publishers, 2002) [H,G] 

Ritual River by Nancy Sales Cash (Chapel Hill Press, 2006) 

[G] The Trail of Tears haunts modem characters. 

Eve 's Mountain by Marian Coe (SouthLore Press, 19998) [G] 

The Tall Woman by Wilma Dykeman (Wakestone Books, 

1982) [M,H,G] The classic about a mountain woman 

maintaining traditions and improving society against odds. 

Jim the Boy by Tony Earley (Little, Brown, 2000). [M,H,G] 

A coming-of-age tale in Rutherford County at the time of rural 


The Landbreakers by John Ehle (1964; Press 53, 2006) [H,G] 

Ehle's first great epic novel, involving pioneers. 

^The Journey of August King by John Ehle (1971; Hyperion, 

1995) [H,G] The Buncombe Turnpike and escaping slaves 

form parts of the drama. 

Time of Drums by John Ehle (Harper & Row, 1970) [G] 

Civil War novel. 

The Roadby John Ehle (1967; U. of Tenn. Press, 1997) [H,G] 

The 2005 TWR book — about the building of the railroad in 

Western North Carolina. 

Lion on the Hearth by John Ehle (Harper & Brothers, 1961) 

[H,G] Ehle depicts an Asheville merchant family at the turn 

of the century. 

Last One Home by John Ehle (Harper 8c Row, 1984) [H,G] 

Includes insightfiil episodes about the Depression in 


ri^^5')tvCMbyIanFeldman(SSI, 2003) [G] Nazis in 

Asheville in 1930s. 

Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier (Atlantic Monthly, 1997) 

[H,G] Odyssey of Haywood County man in Civil War; and 

his return to his transplanted Charleston lover. 

Thirteen Moons by Charles Frazier (Random House, 2006) 

[H.G] Novel based on Will Thomas, white Cherokee scout 

and agent. 

The Secret of War by Terrell T. Garren (Reprint Co., 2004) 

[H,G] A riveting story based on a brutality done a Henderson 

County woman. 


Mountain Song by Exie Wilde Henson (PublishAmerica, 
2005). [G] Novel based on the author's parents, a literacy 
teacher and photographer in 1930s Transylvania County. 
Refuge by Dot Jackson (Novello, 2006). [G] Charleston 
woman takes refuges in mountains with her children during 

Crockett of Tennessee by Cameron Judd (Bantam mass 
market, 1994). [H,G] Crockett married a Swaimanoa woman; 
this is a compelling fictionalization of his entire life. 
The Ballad ofFrankie Silver by Sharyn McCrumb (Dutton, 
1998). [H,G] Original insight into the execution of the 
alleged husband-murderer, with parallels to modem times. 
Ghost Riders by Sharyn McCrumb (Dutton, 2003). [H,G] 
Civil War novel. 

The Songcatcher by Sharyn McCrumb (Dutton, 200 1). [H,G] 
Not the movie — but about a legendary tradition. 
Brave Enemies: A Novel of the American Revolution by 
Robert Morgan (Algonquin, 2003). [G] 
Gap Creek by Robert Morgan (Algonquin). [H,G] Best- 
selling novel featuring a woman who undergoes trials and 
connects to a mystical rehgiousness. 
The Hinterlands by Robert Morgan [M,H,G] Three tales 
relating pioneer history in dramatic and humorous fashion. 
This Rockby Robert Morgan (Algonquin, 2001). [G] 1920s 
in mountains; drama of two brothers, one an aspiring preacher, 
the other, a wild seed. 

The Truest Pleasure by Robert Morgan (Algonquin. 19 95). 
[H,G] Story of pioneer husband and wife, a workaholic man 
and a charismatically religious woman. 
The Cock's Spur by Charles Price (John F. Blair, 2000). [G] 
Third novel in quarter about Hiwassee River Valley; reahstic 
and dramatic portrayal of cockfighting and moonshining. 
Freedom 's Altar by Charies Price (John F. Blair, 1999). [G] 
Reconstruction Era sequel to Hiwassee Valley saga. 
Hiwassee: A Novel of the Civil War by Charles Price 
(Academy Chicago, 1996). [G] 

Where the Water-Dogs Laughed: The Story of the Great Bear 
by Charles F. Price (ffigh Country Publishers, 2003). [G] 
Fourth novel in Hiwassee Valley quartet, covering the era of 


The Past Is Never Dead by David Schulman (John F, Blair, 
2004). [G] A murder in a hotel; and Nazis in Asheville circa 

On Agate Hill by Lee Smith (Algonquin, 2006). [H,G] The 
2007 TWR book, half of which takes place in Ashe County. 
Salt by Isabel Zuber (Picador, 2002). [H,G] A portrayal of a 
mountain woman that is both psychologically complex and 
primitively mystical. 

Contemporarv Fiction 

Brighten the Comer Where You Are by Fred Chappell (St. 

Martin's, 1989) [M,H.G] The 2003 TWR book— a Haywood 

County teacher has a day of amazing trials. 

Farewell, I'm Bound to Leave You by Fred Chappell (Picador, 

1996) [H,G] Mythical stories about women in a family. 

I Am One of You Forever by Fred Chappell [M.H,G] Mythical 

stories about men in a family. 

Look Back All the Green Valley by Fred Chappell (Picador, 

1999) [H,G] The fourth novel in a quartet. 

The Far Family by Wilma Dykeman (Holt, Rinehart & 

Winston, 1966). [H,G] A mountain family's imperfect 

reunion is fraught by a racial incident and a death. 

Return the Innocent Earth by Wilma Dykeman (Wakestone, 

1994). [G] One of the masterpieces of fiction about 

business — based on Dykeman's husband's family's canning 


The Gaudy Place by Fred Chappell (LSU Press reprint, 1994) 

[G] 1950s Asheville is grittily bared. 

Evenings at Five: A Novel and Five New Stories by Gail 

Godwin (Ballantine Reader's Circle edition, 2004). The 

novella involves a kind of ghost; some of the stories go back 

to Asheville. 

Evensong by Gail Godwin [Ballantine, 1999]. Sequel to 

Father Melancholy's Daughter, zooming in on millennial 


Father Melancholy's Daughter by Gail Godwin (Morrow, 

1991). [G] A spiritual and woman's odyssey based on an 

Asheville chapel and community. 


A Mother and Two Daughters by Gail Godwin (Viking, 198 1). 

[H,G] One of Godwin's fictional Mountain City novels. 

The Odd Woman by Gail Godwin (Random, 1974; Ballantine 

Reader's Circle edition, 2005). [H,G] This is the book that 

cemented Godwin's reputation as a leading portrayer of 

woman in modem society. 

A Southern Family by Gail Godwin (Morrow, 1987). A 

suicide puts a family in turmoil in a town based on Asheville. 

The High-Pitched Laugh of a Painted Lady by Lewis Green 

(JohnF. Blair, 1980). Out of print. [G] 

In the Family Way by Tommy Hays (Random, 1999). [H,G] 

Lx)cal literary light's acclaimed novel about family and racial 

issues in Greenville S.C. 

The Pleasure Was Mine by Tommy Hays (St. Martin's, 2005). 

[H,G] Alzheimer's Disease affects a family. 

At Home inMitfordhy Jan ICaron (Lion, 1994; Penguin, 

1996). [H,G] The first in the lovable series, featuring Father 

Tim, a community based on Blowing Rock, and crises. 

In This Mountain by Jan Karon (Penguin Putnam, 2002). 

[H,G] In the seventh Mitford novel. Father Tim faces his own 


These High, Green Hills by Jan Karon (Viking, 1996). The 

third novel in the Mitford series involves the taking in of a 

neglected boy. [H,G] 

The Hangman 's Beautijul Daughter by Sharyn McCrumb 

(Simon & Schuster, 1992). [H,G] Included in the tale are 

Nora Bonesteel's Sight; a polluting paper company; and a 


Highland Laddie Done Gone by Sharyn McCrumb 

(Ballantine, 1992). Sleuth Elizabeth McPherson visits 

Scottish festival. [G] 

The Rosewood Casket by Sharyn McCrumb (Dutton, 1996). A 

burial and mountainside development heighten the drama. 

The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love by Joan Medhcott. 

[G] First in a series of popular novels about 50-plus women in 

a community inspired by Bamardsville. 

red woman with backward eyes by MariJo Moore 

(rENEGADE pLANETS PUBLISHING, 2001). Stories fi-om 

a contemporary Cherokee woman's perspective. 


The Red Church by Scott Nicholson (Piimacle Books, 2002). 

[G] The first of several regionally set stories by noted horror 


Casualties: Stories by Ron Rash (bench Press, 2000). [G] 

Chemistry and Other Stories by Ron Rash (Picador, 2007). 


The Night the New Jesus Fell to Earth by Ron Rash [H,G] 

Owe Foor /« £;afe« by Ron Rash (Picador, 2002). [H,G] A 

murder and a tragedy are viewed by various members of a 


Saints at the River by Ron Rash (Holt, 2005). [M,H,G] The 

2006 TWR book. 

The World Made Straight by Ron Rash (Henry Holt, 2006). 

Adolescence, the drug world, and redemption play out in the 

Shelton Laurel area. 

Oral History by Lee Smith (Ballantine, 1984). A college girl 

visits her relatives to do an oral history project, and delves into 


Saving Grace by Lee Smith (Q.P. Putnam's, 1995). A girl 

grows up with an itinerant snake-handling, charismatic 

preacher father, often in Haywood County. 

Remember the Alibi by Elizabeth Daniels Squire (1994; Silver 

Dagger Mysteries, 2000). [M,H,G] A sleuth who 

compensates for a bad memory solves crimes in Western 

North Carolina — one of several locally set mysteries by the 


The Hills Beyond by Thomas Wolfe (1941; LSU press, 2000). 


Look Homeward, Angel by Thomas Wolfe (1929; Simon & 

Schuster, 2006). [H,G] 

O Lost: A Story of the Buried Life by Thomas Wolfe (U. of 

South Carolina Press, 2000). The original version of Look 

Homeward, Angel. [G,S] 

Of Time and The River: A Legend of a Man 's Hunger in His 

Youth by Thomas Wolfe (1935; Scribner, 1999). [G] 

Thomas Wolfe 's Civil War edited by David Madden (U. of 

Alabama Pr., 2004). [H,G,S] 

The Web and the Rock by Thomas Wolfe (1939; LSU pr., 

1999). [G] 


You Can Y Go Home Again by Thomas Wolfe ( 1 94 1 ; 
Perennial, 1998]. [G] 

Literature anthologies, histories, and works of criticism 

The Iron Mountain Review (Emory & Henry College, latest 


Listen Here: Women Writing in Appalachia ed. by Sandra L. 

Ballard and Patricia L. Hudson (University Press of Kentucky, 

2003) [H,G.S] 

Look Homeward: A Life of Thomas Wolfe by David Herbert 

Donald (Little, Brown, 2007). [G,S] 

Her Words: Diverse Voices in Contemporary Appalachian 

Women 's Poetry ed. by Fehcia Mitchell (University of 

Tennesee Press, 2002) [H,G,S] 

Thomas Wolfe: An Illustrated Biography edited by Ted 

Mitchell (Pegasus, 2006). [H,G,S] 

Windows of the Heart: The Correspondence of Thomas Wolfe 

and Margaret Roberts edited by Ted Mitchell (U. of South 

Carolina, 2007). [G,S] 

Parting the Curtains: Voices of the Great Southern Writers by 

Dannye Romine Powell (John F. Blair, 1994). [H,G,S] 

Includes interviews with Fred Chappell, Gail Godwin, and Lee 


Cherokee studies 

The First Strawberries: A Cherokee Story by Joseph Bruchac 

(Puffin, 1998). [E] 

The Journal of Jesse Smoke: A Cherokee Boy by Joseph 

Bruchac (Scholastic, 2001). [C,M] Well-written history of 

Trail of Tears with first-person point of view; not 

psychological drama, though. 

The Story of the Milky Way: A Cherokee Tale by Joseph 

Bruchac and Gayle Ross, paintings by Virginia Stroud (Dial, 

1995). [E] 

The Education of Little Tree by Forrest Carter (1976). 

[M,H,G] Reminiscences of boy who hved with Cherokee 



Cherokee Medicine Man: The Life and Work ofaModern-Day 

Healer by Robert J. Conley (U. of Oklahoma Pr., 2005) 

Soft Rain: A Story of the Cherokee Trail of Tears by Cornelia 

Comeissen(Delacorte, 1998). [C] Girl's point of view. 

The Cherokee by Joyce C. Dugan and B. Lynne Harlan 

(Eastern Band of Cherokee Nation, 2002) 

Cherokee Heritage Trails Guidebook by Barbara R. Duncan 

and Brett H. Riggs (UNC Press, 2003) 

Living Stories of the Cherokee ed. by Barbara Duncan (UNC 

Press, 1998) 

The Opossum 's Tale: A Grandmother 's Story by Deborah L. 

Duvall, drawing by Murv Jacob (U. of New Mexico Pr., 

2005). [E] 

Sequoyah 's Gift: Portrait of the Cherokee by Janet Klausner 

(HarperCollins, 1993). [C,M] 

How Rabbit Tricked Otter and other Cherokee Trickster 

Stories told by Gayle Ross, illustrated by Murv Jacob 

(HarperCoUins, 1994). [E,C] 

Selu and KanaTi: Cherokee Corn Mother and Lucky Hunter 

by Red Earth (Mondo, 1998). [E] 

Long Man 's Song by Joyce Rockwood (Holt, 1975). Gut of 

print. [C,M] Pre-Columbian Cherokee boy becomes 

medicine man. 

To Spoil the Sun by Joyce Rockwood (Holt, 2003). A 16* 

century Cherokee village in the southern Appalachians is 

warned about invasion and disease. [C] 

Cherokee Voices: Early Accounts of Cherokee Life in the East 

edited by Vicki Rozema (John F. Blair, 2002). [H,S] 

Footsteps of the Cherokee: A Guide to the Eastern Homelands 

of the Cherokee Nation by Vicki Rozema (John F. Blair, 1995) 

Myths of the Cherokee by James Mooney [W,H,G,S] 

Poetry and Drama 

Asheville Poetry Review (latest issue) [G,S] 
Old Wounds, New Words: Poems from the Appalachian 
Poetry Project edited by Bob Henry Baker and others (Jesse 
Stuart Foundation, 1994). [C,M] 


Black Shawl by Kathryn Stripling Byer (LSU Press, 1998) 

[L,G,S] Poems inspired by the Black davy ballad. 

Catching Light by Kathryn Stripling Byer (LSU Press, 2002) 


Coming to Rest by Kathryn Stripling Byer (LSU Press, 2006) 

[G,S] World-consciousness and a variety of forms follows 


The Girl in the Midst of the Harvest by Katluyn Stripling Byer 

(Texas Tech Press, 1986) [G,S] 

Wake by Kathryn Stripling Byer (Spring Street Editions, 2003) 

The Raindrop Waltz and Other Plays by Gary Garden (trillium 

Books, 2001) [H,G] 

Backsass by Fred Chappell (LSU Press, 2004) [G,S] 

Family Gathering by Fred Chappell (LSU Press, 2000) [G,S] 

Rhyming verse about family members achieves top form. 

Midquest by Fred Chappell (LSU Press, 198 1) [G,S] An epic 

modem poem involving local history and colloquialism. 

Chair in the Desert by Rick Chess (U. of Tampa Pr., 2000) 

[G,S] Poems by the head of Jewish studies at UNCA. 

The Ambiguity of Morning by Nancy Dillingham 

(WorldComm, 2001) [G,S] The Big Ivy writer combines 

poems and short prose, lyrical and grim. 

New Ground by 'Nancy Dillingham (WorldComm, 1998) [G,S] 

Thanks for the Dark but That 's Not Home: Poems and Stories 

by Nancy Dillingham (Big Ivy Books, 2066) 

The Book of Monsters by Keith Flyrm (Animal Sounds, 1994, 

1996) [H,G,S] Symbolism, allusions, and lyricism invest 

work of local poet-editor-rock musician. 

The Talking Drum by Keith Flynn (Animal Sounds, 1991, 

1996) [H,G,S] 

The Mountains Have Come Closer by Jim Wayne Miller 

(possibly out of print)) [M,H,G] A landmark work, bringing 

us an epic folk-figure. "The Brier." 

The Strange Attractor: New and Selected Poems by Robert 

Morgan (LSU Press, 2004). [H,G,S] Morgan's poems glitter 

with land-smart details and Anglo-Saxon sounds. 

Topsoil Road by Robert Morgan (LSU Press, 2000). [H,G,S] 

Zirconia Poems by Robert Morgan. |H,G,S] 

Among the Believers by Ron Rash (Iris Press, 2000). [G,S] 


Eureka Mill by Ron Rash (Bench Press, 1998). [G,S] 
Raising the Dead by Ron Rash (Iris Press, 2002). [G,S] 
Jubilant Thicket: New & Selected Poems by Jonathan 
WilHams (Copper Canyon Press, 2005). An anthology of 
much of Williams' work, both erudite and grass roots. 

Children's stories 

Ragsale by Arte Ann Bates, illustrated by Jefif Chapman- 
Crane (Houghton, 1995). [E] Joyous story about family's 
second-hand finds . 

572^ 7/ Be Comin ' Round the Mountain by Tom Birdseye, 
illustrated by Andrew Glass (Holiday House, 1994). [E] 
Appalachian family adapts song to describe visiting friend, 
who surprises them with glamour. 

Daniel 's Duck by Clyde Robert Bulla, pictures by Joan Sandin 
(Harper & Row, 1999). [E] Story of Tennessee boy and 

Ida Early Comes over the Mountain by Robert Burch (Viking, 
1981). [C] Legendary nanny takes care of motherless 

Keepers of the Earth: Native American Stories by Michael J. 
Caduto, illustrated by John K. Fadden (Fulcrum, 1988). [E,C] 
Stories enhanced by activities to value environment. 
Beanie by Ruth and Latrobe Carroll (Henry Z. Walck, 1953) 

A Certain Small Shepherd by Rebecca Caudill, illustrated by 
William Pene Du Bois (Holt, 1965). [E] 
Pocketful of Cricket by Rebecca Caudill, illustrated by Evaline 
Ness (Holt, 1964). [E] Appalachian country boy brings 
cricket to school. 

Billy Boy by Richard Chase, drawings by Glen Rounds 
(Golden gate, 1966) [E] 

Trial Valley by Vera and Bill Cleaver (Lippincott, 1977). 
Luther children adopt lost boy in mountain N.C. 
A River Ran Wild by Lynne Cherry. [E] The easy-reader 
companion book for 2006 and Saints at the River— dbowt 
changes in a community's treatment of a river. 
Where the Lilies Bloom, by Vera and Bill Cleaver (Lippincott, 
1969). [C] 


The Final Tide by Nornia Cole (McElderry, 1990). 

Grandmother resists relocation in wake of TVA dam 


Sody Sallyratus retold by Joanne Compton, illustrated by 

Kenn Compton (Holiday House, 1995). Jack tale about 

baking soda quest and ravenous bear. 

Bright Freedom 's Song: A Story of the Underground Railroad 

by Gloria Houston (Harcourt Brace, 1998). [C] 

Littlejim by Gloria Houston (Beech Tree Books, 1999). [C] 

The Spruce Pine author presents a portrait of growing up 

around a country store. 

Littlejim 's Dreams by Gloria Houston (Harcourt Brace 1997). 


Mountain Valor hy Gloria Houston (Puffin Books, 1999). 

[C,M] A teenage girl survives on a mountain farm during the 

Civil War. 

My Great-aunt Arizona by Gloria Houston (HarperCollins, 

1999). [E] 

The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree by Gloria Houston, 

pictures by Barbara Cooney (Puffin, 1999). [E] 

Tales from Near-side and Far by May Justus (1970). Out of 

print. [E,C] 

Blue Ridge Billy by Lois Lenski. Out of print. [E] 

AB Cedar: An Alphabet of Trees by George Ella Lyon 

(Orchard, 1996). Out of print. [E] 

Counting on the Woods: A Poem by George Ella Lyon (DK, 

2000). [E] Rhymes about seeing and naming things in the 


Hello, Crow by Jeff Daniel Marion, illustrated by Leslie 

Bowman (Orchard, 1992). [E] 

Mattie 's Girl: An Appalachian Childhood by Celia H. Miles 

(Infinity Publishing, 2002). [M,G] A girl's life in an 

Appalachian community is turned upside down after her uncle 

is murdered. 

Newfound by Jim Wayne Miller (Orchard, 1989). [M] 

Coming of age in Leicester area. 

^Mo/j by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (Atheneum, 1991). [C] 

Tucker PfeffercomhyB^ny MosQY {^Vi\Q,Broym, 1994). [E] 

Rumpelstiltskin with Appalachian circumstances, 


• Saving Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (Atheneum, 1997). 
[C] West Virginia community comes to terms with mean 

• When the Whippoonvill Calls by Candice F. Ransom, pictures 
by Kimberly Bulcken Root (Tambourine Books, 1995). [E,C] 
Father and daughter return to homeland from which they'd 
been displaced by national park creation, 

• Appalachia: The Voices of Sleeping Birds by Cynthia Rylant, 
illustrated by Barry Moser ( Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 
1991). [E] Two natives' unromanticized but affectionate 
memories portrait of Appalachia from child's perspective, 
with paintings. 

• A Fine White Dust by Cynthia Rylant (1986). [C] N.C. boy is 
affected by itinerant preacher. 

• Night in the Country by Cynthia Rylant, pictures by Mary 
Szilagyi (Aladdin, 1999). [E] The sights and sounds of the 
country at bedtime. 

• The Relatives Came by C3Tithia Rylant (1985; Live Oak 
Media, 19990. [E] Livelypicturestory account of family 
reunion in Virginia mountains, comparing North-South; and 
old-young perspectives. 

• Return to Bitter Creek by Doris Buchanan Smith (Viking, 
1986). A girl returns to and becomes reacquainted with her 
WNC home; her mother continues to suffer tragedies. [C] 

• RollofThunder,HearMyCryhyM\\diiQdiT2iy\or. [C] The 
older children companion book for To Kill a Mockingbird, the 
TWR Big Read choice. 

• 772^ Other Side by Jacqueline Woodson. [E] The easy-reader 
companion book for To Kill a Mockingbird, the TWR Big 
Read choice. 

See also Cherokee studies; and Folk tales; and Folklore and 


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